Feeling Blue...

July's edition of Period Ideas magazine is already in the shops would you believe!? They have compiled an unusal collection of bright blue period accessories in the Inspirations pages this month and have included our beautiful enamel breadbin. The speckled blue bin is made from real vitreous enamel (as opposed to the 'enamel look' dipped galvanized steel). It is priced £35 and is also available in speckled green or white. Click here for details. Fancy a 'one colour' kitchen? Type your preference into the search bar on our website www.willowandstone.co.uk to reveal everything in that colour. For example we've red mugs, hooks rails, jugs, clocks, tea towels, tea pots, cookie cutters... blue breadbins, mugs, jugs, soap dishes, milk pans... Green dog bowls, coffee pots, mugs, trugs & jugs, breadbins, string dispensers and garden twine... and so the list goes on, you get the idea!