Decorating for Christmas

We recently created our Christmas window for the Willow and Stone shop and have had lots of nice comments since. The window includes one of a range of beautiful paper lights we currently have for sale as well as our homemade paper decorations.

Willow and Stone Christmas window display with paper decorations

Willow and Stone Christmas Window

Willow and Stone Christmas window display

DIY Paper Decorations

As Christmas is soon approaching and thoughts are turning to decorating our homes, below I show how we made our shop decorations...

You will need...
(makes 1)

- 2 sheets of paper (for our shop window we used The White Company's silver Kraft paper and our Cavallini wrapping paper)
- Thread or string
- Glue
- Ribbon or fishing tackle 

How to make...

Firstly take your sheets of paper and concertina both pieces with equal sized folds along the length of the paper.

Fold the concertinas in half

Secure the 2 pieces together using string or thread and glue each of the edges in order to create a circular shape.


You can either hang your decorations using fishing wire (as with did in our window) or using ribbon.

Below I made a small cut into the paper and threaded through ribbon (from Willow and Stone) to hang.

You can get more DIY Christmas decoration ideas on our pinterest. Alternatively we have lots of lovely Christmas decorations, gift wraps, cards and of course gifts at the shop.

Happy crafting!