Weathervanes made exclusively for us!...

Our verdigris weathervanes that you may have seen here this Spring, sold like hotcakes! However, we are now unable to get hold of them and have been eagerly searching for something to fill their place... This weekend we took a trip to Devon in order to visit and ultimately commission a weathervane maker and sculptor to create some stunning 3 dimensional weathervanes exclusivly for Willow & Stone. The workshop is nestled within the moors in an inspirational landscape. Our meeting began with formal talks and ended with us 'having a go' on an enormous tramporline in the gardens and playing with the (many) dogs - just the way we like our meetings! It's very exciting as the artist in question is highly skilled and we believe is one of the best weathervane makers in the world. Initially we will try 3 designs - a goose, a hare and a sailboat. They will be affordable but all handmade from copper and the designs will be iconic and elegant. We are awaiting drawings of the first designs and expect the finished articles to be launched later in the summer. If you'd like to be kept upto date with the weathervane story please email us at and let us know.

Have a look at our current range of copper weathervanes in the form of classic working boats made by an artist in Penzance, Cornwall. Click HERE to view.