A new collection of fingerplates...

Due to popular demand, we have extended our range of fingerplates this month. If you've not currently installed fingerplates on your period doors, consider this: Although initially designed to protect the area on a door that bares the brunt of daily wear and tear, in 19th century England, fingerplates (also known as 'push plates' or 'door plates') became expressions of talent of whomever made them. They are now a means to express your personal design tastes and can make much of an impact whether reinstated onto Victorian four-panel doors or used on a more eclectic contemporary interior - either way, fingerplates can be used as pieces of art in their own right. Our new collection spans over a hundred years of styles and includes the small and simple as well as the very large and ornate, available in bevelled glass, porcelain or polished brass. Please click here to view the collection.