Exciting New Products Are on Their Way!

This month we have been frantically scouring the nations trade fairs to find some fabulous additions to our collection of traditonal wares. Our favourites include reproduction Victorian style 'Pure Butter' plates (just like the original in our shop that is purely for display - but for which we receive offers every day!). Also large laundry baskets on rustic wooden wheels - perfect for laundry, or toys, logs or magazines.... Our lighting section will finally be extended to include dolly switches of all descriptions, silvered Georgian style wall lamps and 1940's style metal coolie shades. Also look out for nickel luggage/coat racks reminicent of those found in 1920's railway carriages... WATCH THIS SPACE everything will be added to the website as it appears, during the next few weeks.


Sadie Olive said...

I want one of those "Pure Butter" Plates. Please keep me posted and let me know when they come in.