Welcome to September! and a little sunshine...

What a Summer! Our first summer since opening our shop in Falmouth Cornwall has been a real eye opener. The rain and cloudy sky's meant that visitors to Cornwall were more interested in shopping than bathing at the beach. Lucky us! We had been a little unprepared for the influx so you'll notice that this blog has been neglected somewhat! Instead of spending leisurely days out on location photographing our glorious products, it was all hands on deck in the shop along with packing parcels furiously for website orders. Occasionally we've been a little later than expected but all in all customers have been delighted with their goods.

Thanks goodness we've been able to get on top of things again and with a newly appointed manager, Wendy Hawken, and Tiffany our part time sales assistant we know that the website will grow from strength to strength. Expect a monthly mail out in the coming months along with regular offer and news updates. We are STILL planning the launch of Willow & Stone Contemporary and the website will get a facelift to make it EVEN MORE user friendly. Any advice will be much appreciated! email comments to comments@willowandstone.co.uk

Happy Shopping!