It's all time for Christmas!

Our new stock has started to arrive! The clocks have turned up, carefully packaged in solid brown boxes (and complete with manufacturers guarentee). Everyone at W&S is suitably impressed (phew! - I'd been going on about them since the show last month!). Click here to see them but rest assured, more will be added in the near future (along with better pictures). We've ordered good stocks to make sure we have plenty in the run up to Christmas - we think they make perfect gifts ranging from £21.50 upto £80 for a super sized station style clock face.

Our small Xmas Decoration catagorey (new for 2007!) contains carefully picked treasures to decorate a stylish home and avoiding the 'grotto' look so many of us fall vistim to year after year ;o)

We also are busy working on creating the mailing list. After two and a half years we may have cracked it! Working with a forward thinking company down here in Cornwall we'll soon be able to send newsletters each month keeping you uptodate with new stock, news and offers.

There's plenty on the horizon for Willow & Stone, so watch this space! and in the mean time email us with your details if you'd like adding to the mailing list: