Willow & Stone's First Newsletter!

We are very excited to announce that our first newsletter has just been released!

Over the last 2 1/2 years, customers and potential customers have been adding their details to our mailing list by the bucket load. It now contains over 5000 names but we havent been utilising it! It is important for any small business to remind people that they exist, otherwise they can easily be forgotten. Time has passed and we have been saying 'maybe next year' or 'next time it's quiet'... It has become apparent that we don't have much quiet time at all! So recently, we engaged the help of a local company with a great profile to take on managing the mailing list for us. This finally means that a super quality newsletter will be emailed to our customers once a month to offer news of discounts and our favourite products and basically just to remind everyone we are still alive and kicking! We update the website everyday so its always worth keeping an eye out for new products.

Please click here to view the first newsletter. If you'd like adding to our list to receive future newsletters please email us on mailinglist@willowandstone.co.uk

So far we've had a fantastic response!