The Big Spring Clean!

The shop has just reopened after our week of closure. Apologies to anyone who came to see us and found us closed but we promise it will be worth it! It has been all hands on deck to revamp the shop giving it a thorough Spring clean and introducing new (hand painted by our artist in residence!) display furniture making it much easier for our customers to view everything, particularly our extensive range of fittings. Along with the revamp we have had a very posh, very complex, 'touch screen' new till to aid us with stock keeping and order levels (this is very much work in progress!). It will eventually mean that we are able to let you know straight away whether items are in stock or not and how long you are likely to wait if we need to order them in - so in the end it will be a valuable tool! However, at this time, our stock take continues...

Do come and see us this year!