When one door closes, another opens...

Its all go in Falmouth at the moment. The number of empty properties in the town centre seemed to be mounting at an astonishing and frightening rate during the cold dark winter months which left rather a chill in the air! Probably the saddest loss was the Falmouth Poly closing its doors for the last time along with plenty of others.

However, its lovely to see, with Summer drawing near, that the big old empty shops are being restored and re opened bringing new business to the town. We have been watching the former 'Home & Gift Store' take shape of late (I am told it is to be a lovely large light and airy gallery - with views out onto the harbour). Rick Stiens Fish & Chip Restaurant has opened its doors this weekend too. Willow & Stone has experienced the busiest Spring ever, so its all looking good in Falmouth for 2010 and we look forwards to whatever else is in store for the town.