The New Willow & Stone sister shop

Our new shop opens on 9th August 2010. Specialising in paper goods, prints and unusual paraphernalia. We're busy sourcing limited edition silk screen prints and unusual cards from UK illustrators, unique stationery products and gorgeous gifts amongst lots more. Its also a location from which to pack all the website orders - we ran out of space a long time ago so this shop will be a welcome break to the staff who have put up with somewhat cramped conditions. Located only 3 doors from our current shop, do make sure you come and visit both shops sometime soon. The main shop will continue to specialise in hardware and fittings for period houses and the extra space will allow us to introduce more antique and salvaged products once again.


Chutney said...

Congratulations Sarah! I particularly live the pic where Nick is fixing the door frame with a hammer.
Best wishes, Dagmar