Charm(ing) Little Treasures

I recently enjoyed a morning with Sue Winter from 'Little Treasures' and a number of my friends and our young (some might say feral, i prefer 'spirited') children.

Sue creates fingerprint charms in 99.9% silver using 'silver clay'. Its a reasonably simple process and a very calm Sue manages to tame each child, with ease, long enough to have them produce their fingerprint to which each one stands back and admires their creation for at least 10 seconds before returning to mayhem. She then takes the imprinted clay away and turns it into the silver charm with a little more work and will inscribe in it the child's name and date of birth if required too.

I already have one of Sue's charms on a necklace from when my daughter was 9 months old and I treasure it. It is a lovely thing to take with you if you are away from your kids for the weekend.

They make excellent gifts and I bought one for a member of our W&S team when she had her baby boy. This particular visit was for Grandma. If youre interested in hosting a party or would like to visit Sue in Camborne, have a look at Little Treasures here.