Sian of W&S tells us about days out and recent discoveries.

Sian at Willow and Stone

In part two of our Willow and Stone team feature we talk to Sian, Sales Manager at Willow and Stone. She tells us about her treasures and what adorns her mantle piece...

What is your perfect day in Cornwall? 

We've had so many amazing days out in Cornwall mainly due to the fact that there is so much to explore, especially along the coast. Recently we discovered Bedruthan Steps near Newquay. 

It was a Sunday towards the end of summer so wasn't particularly warm, but once we reached the bottom of some pretty dramatic steps down to the beach the view was incredible and the sun made an appearance. 

Bedruthan Steps

All of us (including our two year old son) took off our wellies and jumped into the huge rock pools, which are scattered all over the stretch of beach. We spent hours exploring the caves and pools whilst collecting muscles for dinner. There's nothing more relaxing than feeling as though you are in your own little world for the day with the natural elements!

Bedruthan Steps

What do you like about working at Willow and Stone? 

There are so many aspects that I appreciate and enjoy about Willow & Stone so I'll try not to get carried away! 

I love that I have been able to watch the business grow and develop over the last three years. We’ve always had a great team of people but it is exciting to have even more new additions that are just as friendly and ambitious. Our team is energetic and has a great sense of humour - which helps up keep our sanity during the busy times. 

I like that as a founder, Sarah encourages and recognises everyones strengths and employs just as much passion to get the best results. I always find this a refreshing and inspiring approach. 

Finally I love the products that we sell, having come from a creative background in textiles I always look forward to visiting the trade shows and assisting in selecting new items for the shop (this always feels like a little holiday away rather than work) 

What inspires you? 

Creatively, processes and visuals inspire me. I will become fixated on one particular technique or craft such as machine knitting, screen-printing or crochet and learn all I can about it. I love becoming absorbed in one subject at a time and then will move on a few months later to something new. 

Looking at how others have used their skills on Pinterest or their own blogs inspire me. 

I like the simplicity of Scandinavian design and the folk style that the artists tend to adopt. These styles, I think, make for a really nice setting in the home. (See Sian's home inspiration here)

How would you describe your style? 

I am a traditional girl at heart. My favourite pieces of furniture have all been old, dark, ornate pieces, which are usually found in charity shops, this look is consistent throughout our home. 

When I was younger we moved from a plain house to a beautiful old little cottage. From the moment we moved the character of the cottage had me mesmerised. I loved all the imperfections, such as the wonky floorboards and the narrow hallways that slope. I felt like I had been transported back to another time. Every room had a story to tell. This encounter with a specific style and period led to a natural approach of appreciating objects and belongings that are well thought out, amazingly crafted and are something that you aren’t just going to consume but keep and pass on. 

Styling at home, I like everything to feel warm and familiar. I have an unhealthy obsession with cushions and fairy lights are a must! 

I love structure and rows and for everything to have a purpose, particularly when arranging a shop display. I like humour to make an appearance every now and then, it’s always nice when something can subtly make you smile. (See how our recent shop window display developed)

Despite my partners best efforts I am a bit of a romantic, which means I tend to like anything delicate, ornate or dream like – usually translated through pictures or objects on our mantle piece. (He has requested that he has his very own wall of battle ship paintings on his ‘masculine’ side of the room to balance things out a little!) 

What’s the last thing you bought which you love? 

Am I allowed to cheat a little? I’m going to...I didn’t actually buy this, a friend got it for my birthday and I love it. A little wooden recipe box, it’s a little treasure of mine that sits proudly in the kitchen. 

Wooden recipe box

Tell us about something you have recently discovered.  

I meet up with a good friend who is an illustrator (Jasmine Foster Illustration) over tea and cake. We always love discussing other creatives. She introduced me to a blog by an artist called Anna Emilia.

I love her delicate use of colour, pattern and subject. Definitely worth taking a look!

Anna Emilia Illustration